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- Complete full cycle payroll, start to finish for the required pay dates.

- Complete government remittances (CRA, IRS, etc.)

- Provide you with paystubs to send to your staff or send paystubs directly to staff.

- Send any reports requested by management. 

- Keep track of holiday entitlement and banked time, if applicable. 

- Complete all applicable reporting requirements and payments (WCB, benefits, RRSP,        RPP, etc.)

- Process expense claims when required.  

- Complete ROE's electronically when required. 

- Complete T4's, T2200's, W2's, etc. (whatever is applicable)

- Consulting on payroll and/or HR (questions on calculations, processes, deadlines, etc.) 

- Type up termination letters (outlining severance, termination date, etc.)

- Terminate an employee or sit in on a termination for an employee (virtually or by phone).

- Pay contractor invoices. 

- Accounts payable.

- Personal tax filing. 

Payroll Cost Saving Services is based out of Alberta but the services offered are for all of Canada and the U.S. and we can provide services to you on a temporary, medium-term, or long-term basis for companies of any size. We are here to help!


The first meeting is free (in person or over the phone). If you are interested, you will be provided with a quote for the services needed. If the services are right for your company and you would like to do business, you would be invoiced with the costs for the services. Payment is accepted by electronic bank transfer or direct deposit. 

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