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Trusted Payroll/HR/Accounting Services
Accurate. Trusting. On time.


Monique Durston has her Certified Payroll Management designation (CPM) over 9 years of payroll and human resources experience. That experience includes Canada, the United States, Australia, and UK payroll and HR. I have used programs such as Sage 50, ADP, QuickBooks, PayWorks, Wave, Dynamics 365, Pacific Timesheet, etc.




Payroll Cost Saving Services' vision is to help businesses in Canada and the U.S. with their payroll, human resources, and/or accounting tasks. 


We make sure your payroll and accounting gets done accurately and on time. Late penalties can be very hefty! With the skills and knowledge that Payroll Cost Saving Services staff have, we can help your company run more effectively, whether it be on a temporary, medium-term, or long-term basis. 


  • Complete full cycle payroll from start to finish for the required pay dates 

  • Complete CRA remittances 

  • Complete T4's, T2200's, T10's (whatever is applicable) 

  • ​Pay sub-contractor invoices 

  • Issue ROE's

  • Offer tips on Payroll and/or HR 

  • Personal tax filing

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